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Depending on where you hear it, online dating is fundamentally changing the way humans hook up, or it’s only a slight variation on the church social.

Either way, you or someone you know has a profile somewhere soliciting love, and we wanted to know why, how, and what’s the most embarrassing possible outcome.

Meet the esteemed panel of experts we gathered to help us get down to the nitty-gritty: Mona Boackle lives outside Seattle with her fiancé (whom she met online) and two rain-hating cats.

When she’s not writing for various websites and publications, Erin can be found working on her screenplay and watching television documentaries with Creature, her morbidly obese cat.Elaine Hatfield is a professor of psychology at the University of Hawaii.In recent years she has received Distinguished Scientist awards (for a lifetime of scientific achievement) from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, the Society for the Scientific Study of Sex (SSSS) and the University of Hawaii, and has won the Alfred Kinsey Award from the Mid-Western Region of SSSS.Sarah Hepola is a contributing writer at and the Life editor for Her work has appeared in the New York Times, the Guardian, on NPR and in, where she ran the Scanner blog about sex and culture.

Daniel Jones edits the “Modern Love” column in the Sunday Styles section of the New York Times. I’m just saying if the book looks like it plays soccer on the weekends, it’s probably the kind of book I’m looking for.

His most recent books, both essay anthologies about relationships, are Modern Love and The Bastard on the Couch. What enables people who would never put an ad in a newspaper to solicit romance on the web? People can—if they take the opportunity—write enough words to actually stretch out and sound like themselves, as opposed to a newspaper ad that gets across only the most basic characteristics. Also, making online profiles is mainstream now in a way that I believe personal ads have never been.

A profile on a dating site feels more like an introduction than an advertisement. With sites like My Space and Facebook, the line between networking and online dating is negligible.

Joining doesn’t feel much different than setting up a Facebook profile.

The reason I reached out beyond my circle of friends and colleagues is because I work in entertainment, and while I hate to stereotype, I did not want a relationship with someone in that field.

Offline, most of the people I met worked in the industry in one way or another.