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Enter the douchebag, played by Kyle Stone, who admonishes both men for not eschewing emotional attachments in favor of meaningless sex.The three actors clearly have a lot of fun with their characters, particularly Stone, who exudes the kind of smarmy confidence that people love to hate – or wish they could master.

Gregg's relationship problems could be solved with Dan Savage's "DTMFA" acronym.

Gunn's pining for his unfaithful girlfriend elicits little more than a shrug of sympathy from a more experienced audience.

And a convoluted effort to explain Stone's years of womanizing through a recent family loss doesn't quite make sense temporally.

—starring Uma Thurman as a romantically confused dating guru—came when Kraft improvised a monologue about an old boyfriend.

“I went over the top about all the superdorky boys I like,” says the model turned actress.

“And Uma’s looking at me like I have .” Sadly, the scene did not make the final cut, leaving us skeptical about Kraft’s allegiance to dweebs—just the kind of thing really hot women say as a cover for dating douche bags.But Kraft gushes about her superdorks with convincing energy (“I hate slick. After impressing audiences last year with Anne Frankenstein, a love letter to grindhouse schlock and Nazi exploitation films, director Adam Mc Cabe returns to Fringe with a more subdued one-act about modern dating.Douchebags, also written by Mc Cabe, depicts three nameless men – only one of whom is really a douchebag – dealing with relationship issues.Douchebags Adam Mc Cabe Presents - Orlando, Florida SEVEN DATES THROUGH MAY 29, 2016 Venue: Yellow Length: 60 minutes Price: (Disc: FA | FV) Rating: 18 & Up – Language, Offensive Humor, Adult Themes Buy Tickets The youngest of them, played by Michael Gunn, is about to graduate from college and is dealing with the fact that his first love has cheated on him and dumped him for, as he puts it, a guy who looks like a shark.An older man, played by Gregg Baker, tries to advise the college guy, but he has problems of his own as he's trapped himself in a sexless relationship.