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The next example was dug up in a field by a visitor to OCC, after locating it with a metal detector.

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I've a feeling this may be an early commercial vehicle badge, of a type produced from 1911 to about 1930.Badge number 56387L, shown below, was found beneath the seat of a car I own.Unlike some, this badge - a pre-war example - is flat and quite lightweight, but features a reasonable amount of detail to the winged wheel at the top.There are lots of old badges still in circulation, some in good condition like the one shown above, and other badges needing a fair bit of restoration.The shape and style varied throughout the years, with special versions being available to motorcyclists and lorry drivers.

The badge in the photograph above therefore dates to sometime between 1962 - 1963, being a 4C coded example.

The most common AA badges still in circulation, and most likely to be fitted to a badge bar on a classic car, are the domed examples, which first came out in 1945.

Owners of cars built from 1967 onwards should really look out for the later square badges, if they want to be 100% accurate.

More information on the history of the AA can be found on the AA's website.

Many different styles of badges were produced over the years, depending on the era, the vehicle they were destined to be fitted to, and the country they would be dispatched to - South Africa, for example, had its own variation on the theme.

Below are several of the less-commonly encountered versions, others will be added later.