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More than half of teens and young adults treated at an inner-city emergency room said they had experienced dating violence, either as a victim or a perpetrator, in a new study.

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She noted that many of the adolescents didn’t think they needed help, and only a few followed up on resources for victims of violence provided by the researchers.The findings point to a need for programs specifically designed to help teen violence victims and perpetrators, Carroll said, as well as for all adults—teachers, parents and doctors—to do more to recognize and prevent dating violence.Most experienced violence Carroll and her colleagues conducted their study at an ER that sees mostly poor, African American kids and teens with government-funded insurance.They knew that many adolescents came in because of substance abuse, mental health problems or unplanned pregnancy—all of which may be linked to partner violence.So the researchers surveyed 327 adolescents between age 13 and 21, all of whom were or had been in a romantic or sexual relationship, about violence, aggression or coercion that had happened in those relationships.

About 55 percent of the adolescents said they had been the victim of physical or sexual violence, and 59 percent said they had perpetrated some kind of violence against a partner.Those rates were similar in boys and girls, though girls were more likely to report being physically violent toward a partner.The researchers said the findings wouldn’t necessarily apply to other groups of adolescents, and the rates of violence reported are higher than what other studies have shown in surveys of high school students, for example.Donna Howard, who studies adolescent risk behavior at the University of Maryland in College Park but wasn’t part of the current research team, pointed out that all adolescents in the study had a history of dating, and that this hospital sees vulnerable, at-risk patients with a high proportion of violent injuries.The average age of these adolescents—almost 19—also means more are likely to report a history of dating violence at some point, she told Reuters Health in an email.Different kinds of violence Despite more girls reporting being physically violent themselves, 16 percent of all girls said they were scared of sustaining a serious injury as a result of dating violence, compared to just three percent of boys surveyed.