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But it also displays a genuine wit and musical flair that marks a refreshing change from the onslaught of overblown musicals permeating Broadway these days.Starring Zachary Levi of TV’s ), this modest, unassuming tuner is a definite crowd-pleaser, although it may find itself struggling for tourist dollars when the bigger shows arrive in the fall.

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The occasion marks Aaron’s tentative reentry into the world of romance since being ditched at the altar by his fiancé, and his nervousness is clearly on display.Shepherded to their seats by a solicitous waiter, the couple initially engages in the usual small talk, until the first bomb drops.Casey casually reveals that she’s not Jewish, prompting a hilarious if stereotype-filled musical number, “The Girl for You,” in which the other patrons transform themselves into characters including aghast Hasids, Aaron’s dead grandmother and Aaron and Casey’s future son.I think I need to reconsider what my favorite things are because these folks have it down to a science.And kiss u ur place in our passion for knowing new things reading and consent me to describe to you wankers beloved.

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