Dating squire bass

If you happen to own a Custom Series Bass your job is very, very simple...

Just take the control cavity plate off the back off your bass and you should find a small piece of masking tape with all the info you need (and more) written on it! The masking tape is written by whoever happened to give the bass it's final check and once-over.

Several basses have been listed on e Bay stating "Made by Ian Waller himself and signed inside..." as if this means that it should command a higher price for its rarity. All Wals will have been worked on by whoever was working in the Electric Wood workshops in that period.

The next, JG1111 was a demo model which went to Trident Studios off Wardour Street, London.John Gustafson's fretted JG was next, JG1112 - he later returned for a fretless, JG1131.The last JG was JG1153 (which it seems was retrofitted in 1981 with a Pro IIE scratchplate).With the introduction of the Pro series basses the JG changed to PB and the numbering reverted to 1111 (again).The first two Pro Basses (PB1111 and PB1112 were kept by Wal, the following few being shipped off to Barret's in Manchester - this was March 1979. From May 1979 the Pros had the more usual striped headstocks.

This change back to PB1111 explains a degree of confusion in the numbering of Wals in this transitional period... The Pro Series ran from 1979 to 1982All remained calm on the numbering front until around 1996 when a new numbering system was introduced.This retained the W prefix but gave the date on which the bass was completed.Under this system W30496 would be dated 30 April 1994, W7899 would be 7 August 1999 and W28601 would be 28 June 2001 - American cousins take note of the British date convention!This original version of the Electra Page is maintained for archival reference.For the most complete information on Electra guitars, including new user-posted pictures, visit the new Electra Guitar Page LP style 2242 2244 2249 2252 2254 2256 2264 2264n X110 X210 X220 X230 X240 ES-335 style 2207 2221 2227 2229 2266 2267 2281 X410 X420 X420VS SG style 2247 2259 Flying Vee 2236 Strat style 2263wc 2275b 2275c 2275n 2275s Tele style 2238wc 2248wc 2253w 2253wc 2270c F-bass style 2271 2273 G-bass style 2250 2261 R-bass style 2288 2289 MPC Models X120 X310 X320 X330 X340 X350 X610 X620 X710 X720 X730 X740 X810 X910 X930 X940 X950 X960 Original designs: Phoenix models X110 X130 X135 X140 X145 X149 X150 X155 X160 X165 X175 X180 X185 X189 X190 X195 X199 Phoenix basses X630 X635 X640 X650 X695 Pointy models XV2GR/XV3GR X1PW/X2RD XV1 Pointy basses X700 Other original models: X250 X260 X270 X280 X290 X510 X935 X935CS These pages are dedicated to the Electra MPC line of guitars Guitars (1976-1983).Electra guitars were imported from Japan by the Saint Louis Music (SLM) of Saint Louis, Missouri from 1971 to 1984 (most MPC models were made by Matsumoku of Matsumoku , Japan) .