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In a move to ''cut off the lifeblood'' of two local escort services, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation went to court Monday to try to disconnect telephone numbers used by the escort services.

MBI attorneys want Circuit Judge Bernard Muszynski to order the telephone company to disconnect the numbers.

Affidavits filed with Muszynski did not specify which telephone company, but agents say the numbers are used by the Avante Garde and Enchante Escort Services, both in Casselberry.

Agents said in affidavits that on 22 occasions since December they have arranged by telephone to pay for sex with women who worked for both services.

Polk County deputies arrested 60 people, including a Disney worker, during a week-long operation targeting on-line prostitution.

Deputies arrested 36 women and 24 men, including many Central Florida residents and several from out-of-state. Some car-pooled; and some arrived in taxis, bringing along their children, condoms, and STDs," Sheriff Grady Judd said in a statement.

"Detectives targeted online escort services who promote prostitution…Detectives saw a 15-year-old run-away who brought her infant child along, a pregnant woman, a school bus driver, gang members, and pimps.

Five more women working for Central Florida escort services were arrested by Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation agents on prostitution charges Friday.

A total of 15 women working for those services have been arrested as part of the latest crackdown on prostitution.

The 15 women face more than 40 charges including assignation to commit prostitution, assignation to commit lewd acts, entering a structure for the purpose of prostitution and lewd and lascivious behavior, said MBI Lt.

Gary Mobilio, who specializes in vice racketeering.