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You will not be caring for them as a full time job.

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You can still go to the movies, out to dinner, sporting events, and to most places you would with any other date.

Don’t be afraid to ask your date to pick the location if you’re unsure of accessibility needs. Do you have a bathroom located on the main level with a wide door frame to allow a wheelchair to pass through?

Is there space to maneuver around furniture without knocking things over?

Are you questioning whether or not dating someone with a disability is right for you? There are things in your lifestyle that need to be taken into consideration before making that leap.

Disabilities and diseases come in all forms and level of severity. It’s better to take an upfront approach and ask direct questions to the person you’re interested in about your curiosities. Are you all about extreme sports and climbing Mount Everest?

While people with disabilities do enjoy being active there are going to be certain limitations that need to be taken into consideration. Do not make the assumption that wheelchair users are not involved in sports.

Rock climbing will not be making the list for the majority of wheelchair users. Many wheelchair uses enjoy playing in community leagues designed specifically for them.

Have you tried playing basketball from a wheelchair?

It’s not as easy as it looks, and honestly it doesn’t look that easy!

Personal care needs may be the most common reason that people will pass by a wheelchair user when looking for potential dates.

While there are people who do need daily assistance with their personal care needs that job will not fall on you. People with severe mobility limitations employ PCAs to help them with their basic daily needs.