Dating sms etiquette

To stay in love with someone takes more than just occasional days out and lying on the grass watching the clouds roll by.

It’s taking a conscious effort to hold on to your bond and to make it stronger than it was before.

It’s standing beside them even when times get rough, seeing them at their absolute worst, and still being able to offer a listening ear, a helping hand, a loving heart.

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It’s communicating your differences and looking for compromise.It’s knowing you won’t always get along and not letting your arguments define the nature of your relationship.It’s making sacrifices you sometimes don’t want to make, but you know you have to because it’s for the best. Whether we’re aware of it or not, there are psychological reasons as to why we find someone outstandingly attractive.Your eyes begin to sparkle like a child’s on Christmas morning, you feel yourself flush with excitement at the thought of seeing them again, and your world lights up with endless possibilities. Relish in the sweetness of the honeymoon phase, but bear in mind that what happens after is the determining factor of the true strength of your relationship.When you’re in love with someone, everything seems to pass by in a flash.

You’re giddy with happiness and crazy about each other.

There is no room for anything else in your mind but the sound of their laughter and the way they look at you.

You ache to be in their presence and nothing can compare to the exhilaration they make you feel.

However, there will come a day when you stop exploring each other’s minds and start having mundane conversations about what happened in the office.

You stop taking ages to prepare for your date, and you don’t reserve seats at a fancy café. In fact, it’s an achievement that you two have been together long enough to be completely natural around your partner.

You’re lazing about together watching movies on your laptop while playing games on your phone. However, when your emotions and your relationship stabilise, that’s when the real challenges kick in.