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This little City is snug at the top of a mountain overlooking the towns of San Ignacio and Santa Elena, Cayo.

The community has organised itself just around this “Place of the Ticks” as the name translates to English.

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(Snail) “Ox Witz a”, the Place of Three Hills – its better known as Caracol.Certainly the name today was given to it because of the roads (especially in 1938) when one would have to go there at a snail-pace. It hosts up to 3,000 buildings which would make it about the same size of the great city of Tikal (The Place of Voices) in Guatemala.Caracol had up to 28 Kings that could be counted (maybe even more) but the city was notorious in middle part of the 500’s AD when for example, it helped Calakmul ( a site in Mexico) defeat Tikal.Jungle training in Belize is tough but enjoyable, living in the dense forest canopy, using hammocks and learning to survive was a brilliant experience.Four man jungle contact drills, river crossings, jungle patrolling and navigation all tests basic infantry skills and ensure that you leave the jungle a far better soldier then when you arrived.

After the exercise the four days on the beach and pubs of Belize were great fun, the Company BBQ and drinks by the pool allowed everyone to wind down prior to flying back to the UK.

Belize is synonymous with pristine; with unspoilt; with Mother Natures best kept secret; with “the nicest people on the planet”; with ancient Maya Cities. When people visit us in our little space on the planet they are absolutely blown away that we have much more than awesome beaches and absolutely splendid places to stay there.

They are blown away by the amazing jungle and treks through them and the adventure that sit in wait for them to push the button.

We have realised that there is a tremendous amount of reverence that people who visit us pay to the ancient Maya cities that sit in the jungle and coastal settings of our country.

Thousands of years of history waiting to be told and we cannot wait to offer the stories to everyone.

The following is a listing of small maps for your use when you come visit us to and decide to go to one or more of our Maya Cities.