Dating sim gameboy advance

Secret levels are plotted all over this vast game, as well as all sorts of power ups.

As the name suggests, the game features heavily on tactics and strategy, as after some storyline you are placed in the world of Ivalice and gain your own clan, made of different races and classes and skill levels.The tactics come in when you engage with monsters or other clans and then you move your characters and decide what actions to take, but the smallest differences can destory a battle, such as turning the wrong way when finishing a move, resulting in the enemy getting a sneaky back attack on you.With over 300 Missions, this game can take a while, and learning the Law system seems difficult at first, but once mastered can easily be used to your own advantage.Harvest Moon is, at it's bare roots, a life simulation game.It doesn't just stop there though, like the box art suggests the main point of the game is to take care of your inherited farm.

You get all the things you need to help you along, including your own little puppy and eventually cows, sheep and occasionally a horse!Growing your crops quickly becomes second nature and you notice all the subtle hints from your female villagers, and realise that a dating sim game also lies within Harvest Moon and you're able to take your pick of the womenfolk.Of course, the game isn't sexist, there is always a female version of each game wherein you may pick one of the men in the village to settle down and have a child with.Harvest Moon is one of the games, much like Animal Crossing, that can absorb your whole life if you're not careful. If you've never played this game I feel sorry for you.This is one of Mario's crowning moments in his history.Not only does it feature my favourite bosses of the Mario series, Bowser's kids, and bought in Yoshi in a massive way, as well as a big element of the game being secrets.