Dating service scammers

Unsolicited email claims that "Nadezhda", a "nice young girl from Russia", is interested in you and would like to hear from you with the view to establishing a possible relationship © i Briones Subject: I am interested in you and decided to write to you Hello! I am a nice young girl from Russia, without harmful habits.

I dreams to divide with him my pleasure and troubles, to feel a strong "shoulder" on which is possible to rely, that there was a mutual love.

What is about me: I modest, quiet, with easy character, correct and devoted, love home cosiness.

I am a romantic nature and i'm always open for the intercourse.

In free time I like going to the movies, or to some sporting events, to the pool, nature, and staying at home have fun as well. If you were interested by my letter, I shall be very glad to receive from you the answer.

And I shall tell you about myself in the next letter. I do not know why, but my heart prompt me to write exactly you! According to this email, young Nadezhda, a nice Russian girl "without harmful habits" is interested in you and would like to begin exchanging emails and photographs with a view to a possible long term relationship.

I want to correspondence with you and I hope to hear from you soon! Nadezhda includes a photograph of herself along with a description of her personality and her hopes for a future close relationship.

However, although Nadezhda may appear alluring in her photograph and her advances may seem genuine and enticing to some lonely or vulnerable male recipients, she is in fact a heartless scammer whose intentions are far less than honourable.

In reality, "she" is quite possibly not even the person in the attached photograph and may not even be female.

Once a potential victim takes the offered "bait" and replies to Nadezhda, he will soon receive more emails and photographs designed to draw him deeper into the scam.

The scammer is most likely quite adept at building a seemingly heartfelt and meaningful relationship with her victim.

After a time, she may even fool her victim into falling in love with her.