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She would not really look out of place, but if you want a princess lunch, you need the real Disney.You will be more wowed by the sites in Krakow though…Like Rome and Paris, you can just wander and see spectacular architecture on an ordinary street. You can do them in any order but they are all worth your time. Apparently they got their start in the Renaissance ;) In those days it was stone instead of glass and narrow staircases instead of escalators but the general concept hasn’t changed. Dragons are very big in eastern Europe and Krakow has one, which you can take home in a variety of fabrics and sizes.

I ended up with earrings in three different shades.It’s not clear the true impact of religion on global progress (or decline) but there is no question it has resulted in a lot of spectacular architecture. Not unimpressive but it is not until you get inside that you appreciate it is not just any church.The Catholic Church would be totally at home running a Super PAC but at least it funneled most of the funds into an ostentatious display of wealth that could be enjoyed by the masses instead of cringe-worthy campaign ads. You have to pay an extra five zloty to take photos but it’s totally worth it – except, of course, that it is full of ornate stained glass, over-the-top ornamentation, intricate wood carvings…it is impossible to do it justice in a cheezy tourist photo.It is better to put your camera away for a few minutes and just take in the workmanship and the grandeur.

The altar is one of the grandest I have seen – and I have seen a lot of churches🙂 Krakow is full of churches and you should seek out some of the less famous ones.One of the most Krakow is full of delights like that.You can score a pair of shoes that will make your friends envious. There are horse-drawn carriages where the horses are perhaps better attired than the patrons.You might encounter a spontaneous polka being played.There are various venues where you can enjoy classical music in a historic setting.Cinderella would feel right at home🙂 I never even managed to get through all the experiences I was hoping for.