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I've used the Minwax poly and I think it is a good finish.It wouldn't be my choice for a restoration project, but otherwise, I think it can make a fine finish for you.Insides of drawers that were not finished originally should never have any kind of finish applied to the.

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If you apply finish to previously unfinished areas of antique furniture you are glorifying it and tampering with its value.If you had an 18th century Queen Anne walnut English chest with original oak- lining to the drawers, you could actually ruin its value by applying finish.I suggest you be careful about the advise you give others. It WILL NOT fill the pores without shrinking in a couple of months The most efficient and time honored method IMHO is oil paste wood filler -- forget the Behlen stuff and get ML Campbells -- you'll have to thin it and its only available in neutral but it can be topcoated in 4 - 8 hours. I recently began refinishing an old tool chest my grandfather made in 1910. Problem: There are over 200 round head brass screws on this thing. They are black with tarnish, but clean up easily once they are removed.When finishing a chest of drawers, if one puts clear finsih on the top and outsides, do you apply on the bottom sides where one one touch only if you picked it up tp move.Also how much of the inside beneath & behind the drawers is it necessary to finish. You will ruin value of piece and make it very difficult if not impossible to reverse.

I plan to use Miniwax fast drying Polyurethane, clear Semi-gloss. Insides of casework are not normally finished, but insides of drawers should be.

I think its important for a finish to "wrap around" the edges in appropriate wear areas, such as at the base of the piece, underneath edge of the top, dividing stiles between drawers on the case.

If you finish only to the showing edges, the finish will have more tendency to peel from that edge.

Where an edge is subjected to any wear or abuse, this is a strong likelihood.

I agree with Jim's comments on finishing inside case work.

I like to finish drawer interiors too, but I see a lot of them that aren't.