Cam 4u Dating people in wheelchairs

Interpersonal relationships are important for normal growth and development of every human being.That does not change just because we are inconvenienced by a wheelchair.

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For all relationships, we wheelchair users need to be cognizant of, and pay continued attention to, those different dynamics.

It is our responsibility to stay on top of the game, because we bring the different dynamics to the equation.

And, hopefully, we are more practiced, and better at addressing the unique circumstances. We also need to do as much as we can from our end to contribute to the relationship in a positive manner.

deal with it." Notice people who think like that – in chairs, or able-bodied – find themselves isolated, and unhappy. It's not the easiest thing in the world to be friends with or be involved with someone inconvenienced by a wheelchair (sometimes the inconvenience spills over).

The danger of a 'take me as I am or leave me as I am' mindset is that most people will say, "Okay, I choose to leave you." We have to help make people feel comfortable with the unusual. So we need to remember not to confound our relationships by adding more issues.

Dont ever approach your relationships as if you are desperate.Just remember that although no one is perfect, we don't want to let our wheelchair "issues" become unbearable "baggage."This section will address, rather candidly, the different dynamics in terms of sex-life for people who use wheelchairs.I would venture to guess that a significant number of people who click on this section are looking for the "sex" discussion, first and foremost.It is true that "sex sells." It's common for people to be anxious or eager (by the way, those two words are often misunderstood to be interchangeable -- see guy's it's really good) about human sexuality.But the personal relationship component should be addressed first, because it is most important for healthy, lasting relationships that happen to be sexual.And, guys, it is much more attractive (and sexy) to women if you focus on their brains before their bodies.