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They were known as "Rogers Bros." and they worked together between 18. Rogers was the first maker of silver plated products in the United States, and he duly applied for a patent.Other accounts suggest that it was his brother Asa who perfected the electroplating process.

The father and son, together with several other partners, also worked under the trademark umbrella of "William Rogers Manufacturing Co." between 18. Rogers in 1873, rights to his trademark were granted to Simpson, Hall, Miller and Company, silversmiths.The company continued to use the trademark until 1893.Subsequently, the trademark was also applied by the International Silver Company founded by the Meriden Britannia Co. The letters "IS" stamped on this silverware stand for "International Silver" and are an indication of approximate manufacturing dates. The history of Rogers antique silverware is both distinguished and complex.Several members of the Rogers family were involved in partnerships that highlighted the Rogers name for the manufacture of silverware.

Some partnerships included non-family members as well.Furthermore, different silver trademarks were used during various periods of time.As a consequence, identifying these items of silverware can require careful research and attention to detail.William Hazen Rogers was a master silversmith who began his five-year apprenticeship in 1820 in Hartford, Connecticut. Rogers," first appeared on the silverware he crafted, but it has since been used by other silverware manufacturers.Rogers himself used this trademark with the embellishments of a star and an eagle as distinguishing features.Silver spoons were among his earliest products, and patterns such as Countess from 1880, Athens from 1884 and Berwick/Diana from 1904 remain perennial favorites. Rogers partnered with a number of family members, including his brothers, Asa and Simeon.