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Our collection of original vintage enamel includes buckets & tubs, vintage enamel jugs, storage jars & old coffee pots often sourced on our buying trips to France.

Full of character, they are perfect for planting up or adding a finishing touch to a kitchen or bathroom.

The story of enamel cookware begins in the 1760s in Germany.The idea of finding a safe, convenient coating first took hold there: in scientific writing and in actual iron works.Fifty years later vitreous enamel linings, also called porcelain, for kitchen pans were becoming familiar in several European countries.Enamelling was no longer limited to decorative arts and crafts.Were enamel-lined cooking pots really as clean and safe as they seemed?

Some people praised them as far better than anything known before.

Others spoke of poisonous ingredients leaching into the food.

Finding out what cooks or housekeepers thought in the early days is not so easy.

Over the next few decades enamel-coated metal came into use for domestic pots, pans, basins, as well as for street signs, medical equipment and more.

And yet enamelware was still a long way from the attractive and useful mass-produced utensils of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Enamelled cookware came to the US after Western Europe.