Dating meeting your friends

On Friday night, I had a little reunion with three of my sorority sisters.

Once the introductions were complete, Justin took my hand and we all started walking.He seemed really calm and not inconvenienced that every bar was too loud and crowded for a group our size.As the native New Yorker, he basically led our little band of Californians around the confusing streets. Soon enough, we found a perfect, circular booth at the relatively quiet Fat Hippo.Justin spoke one-on-one to each of my friends—he talked triathlons with Charlene, business with Alex, etc.I liked that everyone took an interest and that he shared something different with each of my them.

Sofia told me later how she liked that he was being real and not trying too hard.

Shana said he and I looked comfortable and natural together, and that she could hardly believe we'd only been on a few dates.

I'm not really surprised the night went as well as it did.

Justin is very mature and easy to date, so I've thrown out a few of my rules.

Normally I don't involve my friends so early on—I don't want a guy to freak out or get the idea that he's super important, but for some reason, I feel like everything will be okay. I think it can be fine to intro a guy to your friends and not stress out that it's too early or that he's not your boyfriend or that you haven't met his friends first, or that it's another step or a new level or whathaveyou.

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