Dating madeeasy

After 27 years of helping women create healthy, fulfilling relationships, I’ve gathered a wide range of advice on most every topic. When I wrote Men Made Easy in 1998, there was very little help available on any relationship topic.But today, with the internet, yikes, there is an overwhelming amount of advice.

Dating Made Easy is more of a nuts-and-bolts approach, with the basics of what you need to remember when you’re searching for that great guy.

As you’ll see, it’s actually a pretty good reference to remind you of the most important things to keep in mind when you go on each date.

Download Dating Made Easy here If you’d like this in audio format, let me know and I’ll push it higher on my to-do list.

This one’s for the ladies…take the mystery out of men and narrow down your search for Mr. Click the link to find out what a nationally known relationship expert has to say about improving your chances of meeting him.

And as I dated, and talked to my friends about their dates, I learned the answer to that age-old question: what do women want? Most were fine – I could tell they were perfectly decent guys. These top-tier guys weren’t any better looking than the guys with average appeal. As a guy, you don’t get to see the profiles and messages that women do, and you probably don’t get feedback on how women really react to them, either. ” They exchanged numbers that night, and have since gone out on a successful date.

I gained a lot of perspective on women’s thoughts on men, both from guys who approached me, and from guys who approached my friends. So, the way to get dates is to make it easy for both of you. When I dated online, I dated pretty intensely, for an average of one first date per week, and I chatted with many more guys than that. Understand this, and you start with a huge advantage.The answer, it turns out, is simpler than you might think. The things they were doing that drew interest weren’t especially difficult. They could be codified into a few simple, actionable principles. Once my friends started applying these principles, they started getting dates. So how can you identify key, common presentation issues that turn women off? As you can see, the issue was not with Mark – he was great.You probably know a few good guys who just don’t seem to get as many dates as they should. Recently, my friend Amy showed me a message she’d received. “I’d never want to go out with him.” When they happened to meet by coincidence a few weeks later, Amy was stunned. The issue was simply with the online presentation of that great guy, which made him look like he was someone who he really wasn’t.While Mark was good-looking, smart, and successful, she read his profile as disrespectful and desperate. Once that was out of the way, it was smooth sailing.