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Clicking the heart icon on someone else’s profile in search, mini profile or full profile view shows that specific user that you’re interested in them, or that you like their profile.You can see the likes that your profile has received by clicking on the heart icon in your notifications bar in the upper right hand corner of the screen.You can unlike someone’s profile at any point by returning to their profile and clicking the heart icon once more, so that it changes back from red to clear. Clicking the star icon on someone else’s profile in search, mini profile or full profile view adds that particular profile to your “Favorites” list.

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The person that you’ve added to your list doesn’t know they’ve been added.So, you can keep tabs on your favorite profiles or favorite a few to go back to and read in full later on.Just like “likes”, you can unfavorite a profile by returning to the profile and clicking the star icon once more, so that it changes back from yellow to clear. The eye icon in your notifications bar shows you a list of other users who have recently viewed your profile.When you view someone else’s profile, you will appear within their list.This is a handy way to see how popular your profile has been recently and to follow up with anyone you might be interested in. The message center is where all your sent and received messages are stored.

The envelope icon in your notifications bar will show you a running total of all new messages received.

As you read through your messages, you’ll notice the notification number decreasing until the notifications clear.

You can also delete a message, click through to view a user’s full profile and even block a user directly from your message center. We never have and never will have fake profiles on But, after the week, you’ll be notified that your free trial period is up and will be prompted to purchase a monthly subscription membership.

We believe in connecting real local singles with other real local singles, and that’s what we promise to continue to do. Can I use the same login for and the Lavalife mobile app? and the Lavalife mobile app are directly linked, so you can use one set of logins for both platforms.

Any changes you make to your profile on the app will also be changed on your profile and vice versa.

Take Lavalife with you on-the-go with our mobile app available for i OS and Android devices.