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THE TRIBAL ARTS A CROSS CULTURAL HERITAGE NUMBER 0 in collaboration with Max Itzikovitz, Marc Petit, Bengt Fosshag, Christian Lequindre, Elio Revera, Robert Brundage, Francois 'Sanza' , Vittorio Carini MASQUES ARTS TRIBAUX & CHAMANIQUES DE L'HIMALAYA COLLECTION DURAND DESSERT COLLECTION DE WATTEVILLE COLLECTION ROUVERE COLLECTION PANNIER ESPACE DURAND DESSERT 28 RUE DE LAPPE 75011 PARIS PHOTO COURTESY OF MR SAM SINGERARTS PREMIERS PRIMITIVE ARTS TRIBAL ARTS AND CRAFT BOOKS Aryan, Subhashini Unknown Masterpieces of Indian Folk & Tribal Art.-- New Delhi: Ajanta Offset. Reference Orissa: Millennium Edition.-- Bhubaneswar: Enterprising Publishers. Channa , Subhadra Witchctaft and Black art Witchcraft and Sorcery in Tribal Religion.-- New Delhi: Cosmo Publications. Tribal Religion And Economic Life.-- New Delhi: Cosmo Publications. Handloom and handicrafts of the ADIS.-- Itanagar: Directorate of Research Govt. 391 p Topno, Sem Musical culture of the munda tribe.-- New Delhi: Concept Publishing. xi,123 p Theory and practice: essays presnted to gene weltfish.-- New York: Mouton Publishing. Fuchs, Stephen Bottom of Indian society: the harijan and other low castes.-- Delhi: Munshiram Manoharlal.

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