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Originally constructed in 1886, the Lovers Leap Bridge was made of barrel staves and wire, then replaced by a bridge on stilts.In 1902, the bridge was condemned for safety reasons, and another was constructed in its place in 1904.That bridge did not last long- 1920, the bridge collapsed with two people on board, neither of whom was injured.

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It was refurbished in 1954, and has seen frequent improvements since then. The Swinging Bridge was originally called the Lovers Leap Bridge because of a legend that a heartbroken Indian maiden jumped to her death in the Ravine. Sacajawea was a Shoshone woman who married a French-Canadian fur trapper and, with her husband, served as guide and interpreter for the 1804 Lewis and Clark expedition that explored much of what is now the northwestern United States, acquired in the Louisiana Purchase. It came & was pretty much one large piece of felt someone folded over, cut a neck out of & sewed up the sides. The belt is tied separately so you can adjust your waist. Become the early heroine with this Women's Sacajawea Indian Maiden Costume. I'm about a size 9 & it fits me snugly, so I'd recommend going up a size if you're unsure.

Killing the Indian Maiden examines the fascinating and often disturbing portrayal of Native American women in film.

Through discussion of thirty-four Hollywood films from the silent period to the present, M.

Elise Marubbio examines the sacrificial role of what she terms the "Celluloid Maiden" -- a young Native woman who allies herself with a white male hero and dies as a result of that choice.

Marubbio intertwines theories of colonization, gender, race, and film studies to ground her study in sociohistorical context all in an attempt to define what it means to be an American.

As Marubbio charts the consistent depiction of the Celluloid Maiden, she uncovers two primary characterizations -- the Celluloid Princess and the Sexualized Maiden.

The archetype for the exotic Celluloid Princess appears in silent films such as Cecil B.