Dating in the uk vs us

When suggesting when asked out that we meet for coffee I was told that is so American. For guys last call at the pub means last chance to talk to a girl before you get chucked out and have to go home alone. They want a rich, successful, beautiful, smart trophy wife who isn’t demanding and is good in bed.They tend to get drunk, sleep together, then ask the girl out for dinner…. Unless it is last call (and/or 8 pints later) British guys are not likely to approach you. They expect her to meet a man who is rich (family money), doctor or phd in hard science/maths, and Chinese. Your description of the English way of dating is so true!!However they will surround a group of girls on the dance floor and before you know it some guy you don’t know, hasn’t even said hi, is rubbing up against you. Even though I’m not English myself, I lived in London for 3 years during uni, where I met my current boyfriend and that’s exactly the process we went through haha 🙂 Awesome. xx I would argue that dating is different in the US/UK because English girls are drunk, messy sluts with low standards.

They also don’t pay for dinner, even on the first date, and are famous for standing up dates because they’re hungover. @American: Sadly all too true of both English girls and boys of a certain type. I think the extremes of both American and British dating are equally unappealling (though “British dating” is something of an oxymoron).

Thank heavens there are also normal gals and guys on both sides of the Atlantic!

Have to admit I have a soft spot for clueless English guys though.

I prefer the UK version which was, when I was there: Get drinks, get complimented randomly by cute boy. Meet boy for brunchy things Go home Make decision after.

Versus going to bars, scoping out prey, meeting for drinks then getting passive-aggressive emails. I believe you happened upon one very specific type of NY girl at this dinner Birds of a feather, darling.

You obviously encountered a like-minded gaggle of girls at this social gathering.But please don’t make such narrow minded sweeping generalizations about all of us.We’re not all as shallow and checklist-y as this unfortunate group you encountered.In a city where the single girl to guy ratio is 2:1 and there’s beautiful people everywhere, it’s a single guy’s playground. And, thank you: you proved my point – dating in New York is a whole different game. LLG @LLG: I have to agree with @jamie I’m not American (I’m Canadian) and come from a place where people tend to be less materialistic because there isn’t a lot of money.We girls do need to know what we want, and realize that when we’re not getting it, it’s time to move on. Here is what I find about dating in London (though maybe all of the UK is like this too, I hope not).Here is what I learned in my years as a single girl in London: They don’t get dating in England.