dating a club owner Dating in the dark reviews

The girls were 19 year old Raelene who likes a bit of a drink, Kahli a 21 year old who doesn’t like people thinking she is a bimbo, and Ashleigh whose height makes it difficult to find a guy.

Laura Dundovic, for Miss Universe Australia, hosts it, and she is natural on camera and ensures the show is about the dating not about her.Definitely entertaining and well edited reality show, and worth a look.What I would like to know is how many of the couples actually continue to date in “real life”.is a match making show where the contestants don’t get to see the potential perfect match until they have “dated” a few times.If I was going to go all high end on you I could call it an interesting social experiment, but thankfully there is still enough low rent aspects to the show to keep it entertaining.

The potential love matches have a few dates in the dark where they chat, drink and do something physical like massage or dancing.Then there is the big reveal where they get to see their chosen one lit up for a few seconds.Anyone who has watched the US version of the show will know that some “true loves” are dumped once they don’t meet with their person physical ideal.Hopefully the Australian participants won’t be quite so superficial.Thankfully the casting in episode one means most all of the contestants have something that is attractive about them, though one guy, Jesse, did look a little strange when filmed in the dark room.The other guys were Jimmy claimed he was a half virgin (I was to afraid to google that to see what it meant), and JP was a bit of a ladies man.