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Steph's missed a few games this year, obviously we rested Draymond earlier in the year against Denver and right now Andre (Iguodala) and Bogs are injured and getting rest. Fortunately right now the goal of going for the one seed goes hand in hand with the record that everyone wants to talk about, so we're able to just keep trying to win." And then there's the Olympics factor.

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And I know what the next question will be." What about the chase for 73, someone asked. It's an issue the Warriors as a whole will have to deal with in 2016-17. It's no secret that I'm 31 years old, turning 32 this year, so if you do the math Olympics-wise, you never know. It's very, very special to go to an Olympics three times and it'll be my third one this summer. It would probably take a lot for that to even kind of be a decision, I think.

But the certainty in what most of the four say matters now. It doesn't happen to a lot of athletes." Thompson: "No matter what. I'll be able to rest for about a month before we go.

I hope I'm not dealing with any injuries or anything like that.

Draymond Green wants to play, absolutely, Andrew Bogut remains committed, definitely, and Stephen Curry expects to be in Rio, probably, and so there is little uncertainty among four of the six Warriors with Olympic hopes this summer even as the calendar and burden of expectation weigh heavy.

There are worldwide implications to Golden State's renewed push to the finish line as the record for regular-seasons wins re-emerges as a clear goal, and there are the telling statements beyond the statements: If Curry, Green and Thompson are still aiming for a run at a gold medal with the United States and Bogut is still pointing at another Summer Games with Australia, the Warriors must be in a good place emotionally and physically in the pursuit of a second consecutive NBA title.

Talk about developments to strike back at the doubt, however slight, that emerged last week as players and coach Steve Kerr conceded the wear of playing as champions for the first time and expanding the target on their back by immediately moving into range of the all-time mark of 72 wins. And then they were held to 79 points in a loss at San Antonio on Saturday and got taken into the final minute by the Timberwolves on Monday in Minnesota, signaling Kerr would obviously start to cut back minutes to make sure his team is fresh for the playoffs, the real goal.But then they returned to Oracle Arena on Wednesday to play the Clippers, hardly the emotional showdown of past year but a good opponent and therefore an important barometer on the state of the Warriors at the moment, and suddenly there was a new obvious. Kerr would try to build in rest because the wins record will mean little unless accompanied by another parade, but down to the final few games, with history on the line, yeah, they're playing.Could a couple of our guys use a little mental rest and take a night off? But I wouldn't do that at the expense of losing games and possibly losing the one seed. If the players want to go and they're fine physically, we'll probably play them.– --Warriors coach Steve Kerr "I've maintained all along we're trying to get the one seed," Kerr said of trying to secure home-court advantage for the playoffs. If we see something, if there's an injury, if somebody's nicked up and we could potentially cause harm, we'll sit that player down."That's a really important deal for us and we're not there yet. We've got a four-game lead, which is great, but we're not home free. But right now we've been really consistent with all of that.We have been resting guys when they've been nicked up. The guys who are hurt are not playing, the guys who are healthy are playing.