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From the Women Tell All episode of the 2015 season of The Bachelor.Jade Roper, 28, Cosmetics Developer, Los Angeles, CA – , Season 19 (Chris) Jade was falling hard for Chris, so much so that she brought him to meet her family and revealed her risqué past, only to be dumped a few days later.

Clare Crawley, 34, Hair Stylist, Sacramento, CA – , Season 1 Things didn’t work out for Clare with Juan Pablo, or with Zack last summer on Bachelor in Paradise,” but at least she made a new best friend in Mexico -- a raccoon.Hopefully, this year Clare finds a lasting relationship with a man in Paradise.Here she is with her raccoon friend last season after breaking up with Zack Kalter: , Season 19 (Chris) After getting the dreaded two-on-one date, Ashley I.According to the Survivor Applicant Agreement contract which can be read in full by clicking on the attached link, "Producers may, in its sole discretion, give consolation cash prizes to each contestant based on the order of each contestant's elimination (ranging in amount in Producer's sole discretion from approximately ,500 for the first contestant eliminated from the Series to approximately 0,000 for the runner-up to the winner of the Prize) but has no obligation to do so, and, in its sole discretion, may also give additional consolation prizes in cash or in kind to all or some of the contestants, but has no obligation to do so." An estimate of how the pay scale works out for the castaways would depend on the amount of contestants for the season, but would approximately play out as follows: ,000,000 1st Place Sole Survivor 0,000 2nd Place Runner Up ,000 3rd Place ,000 4th Place ,000 5th Place ,000 6th place ,000 7th Place ,000 8th Place ,000 9th place ,000 10th Place ,000 11th place ,000 12th place ,000 13th place ,000 14th Place ,000 15th place ,500 16th place Last Place Additionally, 0,000 is awarded to the fan favorite. We've already revealed the dates for the season premiere two-night event (SUNDAY AUGUST 2 8|7c and MONDAY AUGUST 3 8|7c, in case you forgot), and now we've got the list of fan favorites from past seasons of , Season 19 (Chris) This news producer scored a one-on-one date with Chris Soules when she won the mud run, but unfortunately, not a rose as Chris sent her home that night.

With her rockin’ bikini bod, Jillian vows she will make a better impression in Paradise.

Remember when she fell down during the Rose Ceremony? Sorry, Jillian: , Season 19 (Chris) Who can forget the onion girl? made quite the impression on Chris with her bizarre antics, and, unfortunately, she was sent home.

After explaining her behavior at “Women Tell All” by claiming she was “just bored,” it’s safe to say Paradise will be much more interesting with Ashley.

If you'll recall, host Chris Harrison asked Ashley S to come back for Who Is the Real Ashley S.?

|Chris Harrison poses that question -- and another really big one.|From Mesa Verde to conversing with cats, Chris Harrison gets as deep as he possibly can with Ashley S., who talks about being bored on the show, betting on contestants, and what she likes to do in her free time.

Chris Harrison also has a very big question to ask Ashley about Bachelor in Paradise.