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“It’s not OK to use that website.” Australians take a more relaxed approach to dating.

“In Australia, you can never really be sure if you are on a date or you are just hanging out as friends,” says Katrina, an Australian who spent a year in Texas.

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Potential partners are mainly set up through friends, and romance must be found within one’s social circle.

“The whole culture of going to bars and flirting with strangers is considered kind of weird,” explains Kevin, who is from Taiwan.

“Without a strong understanding of Chinese users’ behavior, which is influenced by Chinese culture, tradition, and economic development, a foreign competitor would really struggle to get it right,” warns Shang Koo, the chief financial officer of, China’s largest online-dating platform.

“I met Nicolas at a party in Montmartre,” she tells me.

“On our first date, we went to the theater, where he held my hand the whole time.

He then took me to dinner, where we kissed in the terrasse as the waiter literally sang to us.” That might be true. 1 dating agency and the owner of, burned a lot of money when it tried to expand its Be Naughty website with in France and in Germany.But French spontaneity is bad news for proprietors of online dating, especially American and British online-dating companies that have struggled to appeal to international consumers. sold its entire European business to the French site [Editor’s note: and These companies were sometimes felled by practical idiosyncrasies.For example, Henning Wiechers, from Leading Dating Sites, said many American online dating companies initially offered credit cards as the sole payment method in Europe, not knowing that only 25 percent of Germans own them.Local attitudes towards online dating can also be difficult to parse.The French don’t really “do” online dating, a Parisian woman told me—that is, aside from Adopte Un, “which is kind of for one-night stands,” she says.