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Denmark ruled the Faroe Islands for hundreds of years, and Danish was the official language of business, administration, schools and churches.

Not much was documented about the Faroese language until the late 18th century, when a growing nationalist movement began to take place.

Mc Grath knows the ballads in their entirety, even though many of the songs have hundreds of verses.

Everyone knows the chorus, and many chant along if they know the rest of the lyrics. Olaf’s Wake,” and is the national holiday in the Faroe Islands. Olaf at the Battle of Stikkelstad in Norway in the year 1030.

This dance has seen resurgence in popularity, and is a highlight of the St. The three day Ólavsøka festivities are held in the capital city of Tórshavn (pronounced Tor-shawn), and this city has a population of only 19,000.

Mc Grath II, has traveled extensively around the world, and is a perennially traveler to the Faroe Islands.

He was interviewed on Faroese National Radio in August 2010, and was given the opportunity to explain why he likes to travel there every summer.

He also explained what got him interested in the language.

Mc Grath has been auto didactically teaching himself the Faroese language for the past three years, and has gained a proficiency in reading, writing and spoken Faroese.

He is a freelance writer and author of A Pictorial View of the Faroe Islands, which is a pictorial description about towns in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands - a group of 18 islands - is located midway between Iceland, Norway and Scotland, and the 48,500 inhabitants speak the Faroese language.

This language is steeped in Old Norse and is linguistically close to Icelandic.

Many archaic features of the language have been preserved due to the isolation of the country, and it’s quite unique compared to other Scandinavian languages (Norwegian, Danish and Swedish).