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Think of us a truly virtual mobile network operator.FREE CALLS AND TEXTS TO ALL SWYTCH NUMBERS FOREVER• Enjoy free unlimited free calls and texts with all other Swytch users• Share Swytch with your friends, relatives and colleagues• Have up to 5 UK mobile numbers on your existing mobile device• Make and receive calls and texts just like you can with any other mobile number• Choose which number to display in your outgoing calls and texts• Know which line you are receiving calls and texts on• Add new numbers, cancel or change numbers as often as you like• Have a different voicemail greeting for each line• Keep work and personal matters separate and control your availability for each• Use a different number for dating in order to maintain your privacy• Create a temporary number when posting ads or selling items online (e Bay, Gumtree, etc.)• Use the second number for web and app registrations to avoid unsolicited calls and marketing messages• Keep your personal number for family and friends only• Avoid international call rates: call or text from anywhere in the world at local rates• Pay nothing to receive calls or texts, even when you’re abroad FEEDBACK!!!

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Get a UK mobile number easily thanks to Swytch app! The Swytch app instantly provides you with an additional UK mobile number on your existing phone (more countries to follow soon).

You can use your Swytch number to call and text anyone in the World. • Separate business and personal calls on the same phone• Use a temporary number for dating, or for ad listings• Maintain a UK presence when based abroad with no international charges• Increased privacy and security – keep your primary number private• Now you can have multiple UK mobile numbers, just like you have multiple email addresses and social media accounts MULTIPLE UK MOBILE NUMBERS ON YOUR EXISTING DEVICE• Download to instantly get an additional UK mobile number• Make and receive calls and text with any other landline or mobile number in the world• No change required, keep your existing SIM card, device and operator• Choose which number to communicate from - you're in control• Instantly know which line you are being contacted on• Port in any UK mobile number to Swytch and ditch the SIM!FREE TRIAL WITH FREE CREDIT FOR CALLS AND TEXTS• Get your first UK mobile number free for 2 weeks with free credit - try the service with no commitment• Then choose between a range of tariffs to keep your number (from 1 week to 12 months)SEPARATE THE VARIOUS PARTS OF YOUR REAL LIFEWe all have multiple roles and identities in our lives - we have our work lives, friends and family, we buy/sell things on e Bay and Gumtree, we meet people while dating and socialising.There are also times when we could all do with a bit of separation, control, security and privacy over our mobile communications and who we give out our primary contact number to.It doesn’t matter where you’re based in the world, Swytch will provide you an additional UK mobile number without any roaming or international call fees.We never charge for incoming calls, and there’s no premium for outgoing calls - you pay the same price no matter where you are based.TRUE UK MOBILE NUMBERS DELIVERED VIA AN APPSwytch provides you with a true UK mobile number, unlike similar services such as Skype, Burner, Hushed and Google Voice who provide landline numbers (don’t worry, we’re going to be bringing you worldwide landline numbers and more mobile numbers soon too! We bring you all the power of the cloud to a mobile number.