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The Code of Conduct is Our General Statement of Ethical Business Conduct To Whom Does the Code Apply?

Employees With Leadership Roles Have Additional Responsibilities What Are the Consequences for Failing to Act Ethically?

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This includes an obligation to obey the laws of the countries and communities in which we do business.As a global company conducting business around the world, Mattel's operations are subject to the laws of many governments.We must comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations wherever Mattel does business.This Code of Conduct outlines our broad responsibilities.More guidance is provided in Company Policies, procedures, employee handbooks and other guidelines.

All guidelines established for business operations must be consistent with the standards of ethical behavior outlined in the Code of Conduct.All employees are expected to comply with the Code of Conduct, Company Policies and laws that govern our activities.The Code of Conduct applies to all Mattel employees (including temporary, part-time and seasonal employees).Certain specified provisions of the Code of Conduct also apply to members of Mattel's Board of Directors ("Directors") in their capacity as such.Failures to act ethically and violations of the Code of Conduct and Company Policies can impact Mattel's business and reputation, and can have serious consequences for all Mattel stakeholders, including employees, shareholders, consumers, business partners and our communities.Whenever Mattel becomes aware of a violation of the Code of Conduct, Company Policy or the law, we will act to correct the problem and prevent future occurrences.