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Sometimes we have to wonder if CNN anchor Don Lemon thinks before he speaks when he’s live on air.

Reporting live from outside the Ferguson police station Monday night, the anchor did a scene setter describing what was going on. “Obviously, there is the smell of marijuana in the air,” he noted during coverage. You’d think he’d have learn after last week’s embarrassing gaffe in which he asked alleged Cosby rape victim Joan Tarshis last week why she didn’t bite the comedian’s penis when forced to give oral sex. So far he’s not backtracking on the pot smell description.

Lemon’s alleged personal life isn’t so perfect either: He adds: We can’t confirm or deny these allegations but we will agree that Don Lemon has been testing the boundaries of journalistic integrity in Ferguson. Liz Lemon has dated an eclectic group of guys over five seasons of 30 Rock.Unfortunately, the relationship advice she has to offer mostly covers what not to do.To get ready for tomorrow's live episode of 30 Rock — which will bring back Jon Hamm as Liz's former fling and Matt Damon as her current guy — we made this dating PSA based on her boyfriends' ridiculous dealbreakers.If a man you meet resembles any of these former Liz Lemon love interests, remember: that's a dealbreaker, ladies!

in which she encouraged her closeted on-air peers to reveal their true gay selves, someone answered that call.

It might not be the cable-news anchor people expected, but CNN’s Don Lemon has managed to snatch up a number of headlines all the same.

Lemon came out in a recent New York Times, which was spurred by his disclosure last fall that he was molested as a child.

The weekend news anchor explained to the Times that he knows that a common reaction to the news will be that people will try to make a connection between his sexuality and past sexual victimization as a young boy.

In the news and around the Web, the other typical reactions are there, too.

Some have expressed shock; others are quick to boast that they already knew, due to their “gaydar”-enhanced psychic powers. ” as if the first black national news anchor to say he’s gay is much ado about nothing.