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You may already be a woman in some areas of your life.One thing is for sure…the area of intimate relationships is the place where most of us show up as little girls and little boys.Ironically…at the same time, we demand a man out of our partner.

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The truth is…we wouldn’t be so enthusiastic to say there are tonnes of little boys in the dating market if we were showing up as a woman.Because a woman notices the little boys, but her attention is too diverted towards the Real Men to complain about the boys.(Click here to take the quiz “Am I Dating a Commitment Friendly Man?”)First things first: it’s OK that you’re showing up more as a little girl than a woman, if you feel like you are.If you don’t acknowledge the little girl, then she will never let the woman appear.She will resist the Real woman in you until you give her the acknowledgement, love, and nurturing that this fearful little girl needs.

The little girl serves a purpose, and that is to keep you safe.Little girls are afraid, and usually deeply afraid. Afraid little girls don’t produce much attraction in a Real man.And intimate relationship is the area of life where she kicks and she screams. Afraid little girls produce tonnes of attraction in a boy, because boys go for what is easy.A real woman shows a sleazeball how his sleaziness makes her feel, so boys (who can be sleazeballs at the same time) know they can’t get their way with a real woman.It’s pretty obvious that a Real Man (mature man) is not going to want a little girl.So, as I have learned myself…before you ask for a ‘mature’ man, you need to look in the mirror.