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Willesden Green is located in North West London, zone 2 on the Jubilee line.

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Willesden High Rd still has long way to go to be considered decent, but consists of a large Sainsbury's, workman's cafes, restaurants, Willesden Library, pound shops, and little pubs and off licences among many other small shops.The average share house usually has around six or seven people living there, sometimes three stories and sometimes crammed into a two story.A single will cost about 260, a small double about 320, and a large double up to 370.Couples can expect to pay anything from 420 - 460 not including bills.You can also rent share rooms or flats and the choices are endless.

The share houses are all terraced, some are traveller houses (party!

) that are a bit run down and cheap but there are also well managed properties for professionals that have been refurbished nicely. Each year with the coming of summer Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans (and to a lesser extent Canadians) either arrive from their homeland or come out of the woodwork after the long, dark winter to enjoy the big BBQ/house party culture in Willesden Green.

When winter arrives the numbers of travellers drop considerably and the place seems to decline only to come back in force the following year.

There is also a big Polish, Irish and African community amongst the Londoners who have been there all their lives.

On the whole Willesden is a great place to drink and is much cheaper than drinking in the city or the west end.

The Green is the first pub you see as you come off the tube with it has a big outdoor sitting area in front and a restaurant out the back.