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Well, I am revealing yet another one of my most effective secrets for meeting women online, free of charge! Before I get into the art of how this tactic can enhance your dating life, tell me if the following sounds familiar: You meet girls online through email or Instant Messaging. ” The truth is, the girl may not be flaky or irrational.

For whatever reason, you can’t really call the girl for a few days. You are left wondering, “Why is this girl so flaky, and where did things go wrong?

The problem with women not picking up when we call often occurs when contact disappears for a long time.

No matter how good the conversations online were, these conversations are merely a blip on the radar of a girl’s daily life.

As days go by without talking, her comfort level with you fades more and more.

When we eventually call (although these women may have initially wanted to answer) their comfort levels have dropped.

They now fear the conversation will be uncomfortable, so they don’t pick up.

This becomes even more obvious when meeting girls online through Instant Messaging. Developing conversation seeds to keep comfort and attraction high.You may have had the greatest 45-minute conversation, but at the end of the day, you are just a 45-minute blip on her radar. A conversation seed is the act of developing an inside joke during your conversations for the sole purpose of referring back to it at a later date.You are “planting the seeds” for a future conversation.For example, I love telling bad date stories as my “conversation seed.” They are fun, and we’ve all had them.In addition, they subconsciously communicate we are different from all the other bad daters.So let’s say I am meeting girls online through Instant Messaging.