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As the survivors' food supply runs low, Locke leads a boar hunt and encounters the Monster. While bordering on exhaustion, Jack repeatedly sees a mysterious man watching him from afar, but no one else can see him.Haunted by the strange vision, Jack follows the man, only to recognize him as someone to whom he was very close.

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Jin, a Korean castaway who speaks no English, assaults Michael, seemingly without provocation.

Sayid resolves the conflict by handcuffing him to the wreckage.

Jack's decision to move to the caves causes division among the survivors.

During a routine trip from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, Oceanic Flight 815 is blown off course and crashes on a remote Island.

Thinking that rescue will soon be coming, the survivors tend to the injured on the beach and set up camp.

Jack, Kate and Charlie hike through the jungle to retrieve a transceiver from the cockpit, but are attacked by the "Monster".

Jack, Charlie and Kate return to the beach camp with the transceiver.

Sayid, a former military communications officer, gets the transceiver working but tells the others he can get better reception if they head to higher ground.

When they get there, they pick up a mysterious distress signal in French that has been playing on loop for 16 years.

The group is attacked by a polar bear, and learns that there was a convict on the plane. Meanwhile, single father Michael questions his son Walt about a conversation he had with another passenger, John Locke.

Jack discovers that the injured man he has been trying to save is a U. After a group of boars raid the fuselage in the middle of the night, Jack decides the bodies need to be disposed of.