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I got all my knowledge about romance from cheesy novels and shoujo manga/anime - Pathetic, I know Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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For those who have no respect for either this illness or for those who are living with it, please do not enter this forum.

Discrimination of Personality Disorders is not tolerated on this site.

Moderators are present here to ensure that members treat each other with dignity and respect.

Given the unique propensities of those who are faced with the issues of ASPD, topics at times may be uncomfortable for non ASPD readers.

Discussions related to violent urges are permitted here, within the context of deeper understanding of the commonalties shared by members.

Conversations here can be triggering for those who have suffered abuse or violent encounters.If topics become overly graphic or drift from having a healthy perspective, moderators will intervene.Please feel free to contact a moderator if you have any questions or concerns.Best Regards, The Team Hello everyone, I am new here so please don't be too harsh I'm pretty antisocial and have been diagnosed with aspergers, chronic depression and a few other things.So my question to you is how do you date someone "normal" if there is such a thing, when you got no sense of....I don't talk or hang out with anybody my own age and tend to go into exile once in a while when everything just become too much, so I got no clue on what to do if I actually went out with a girl.