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This is despite the arrival of democracy and the adoption of a free market economy in Albania, after the period under the communist Party of Labour.

Gheg Albanian culture is based on the 500-year-old Kanun of Leke Dukagjini, a traditional Gheg code of conduct, where the main role of women is to take care of the children and to take care of the home.

Liberal in the traditional sense, Tosk Albanians, from southern and central Albania, make the majority population of Albanians living within Albania, and minority Albanian population living within the Balkans and greater Europe.

The gender and religious discrimination rampant in traditional Gheg Albanian society was absent from traditional Tosk Albanian society, where women were and are seen as equals.

Women are expected to be faithful to their husbands, but married Albanian women are considered the property of their male spouses.

Having daughters is less favoured within the patriarchal society of Gheg Albanians.The importance given by Gheg men to marry themselves to virgin women has led to women paying to have their virginity restored.Despite the risk of infections and inflammations sexually active Gheg women are obtaining covert "simple 20-minute gynaecological" surgery "to become virgins again" in Gheg cities.The same clinics report that some wives are brought in by their husbands because they have failed to bleed on their wedding nights.The clinics are asked to verify the virginity of their wives because there were no blood stains.The Labs were an Albanian-speaking pastoral nomadic society before the 20th century, unique among the Albanian population as the Sarakatsani were among the Greeks.