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Whether you're a recent divorced single or have been looking for love again for several years, marriage the second time around can sometimes be more complicated than the first.

Gender can also impact why divorced people aren't likely to move on, Orbuch found in her ongoing study.

Women were more likely to blame their ex for the split, while men blamed themselves more than women did.

And the word remarriage itself can also be a burden.

While some divorcees may hate the idea of saying "I do" altogether, remember: realizing you'll meet a completely different person, your happiness and health, and the philosophy that with age comes knowledge, are all reasons you shouldn't be afraid to find love again.

Here are Orbuch's top tips for divorcees (both new and old) to find love again in the new year: There Is No Time Frame According to divorce expert and author Dr.

Terri Orburch, there is no general time period divorced men and women should wait before dating again."What research studies show is that whether you are ready to date again depends on your prior relationship and your emotional attachment to that relationship." So if you feel like going out again and looking for love, don't let a time frame stop you.You Can Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Ex If children are involved, staying in touch with your ex through phone calls, emails or visits shouldn't be a scary thought."You don't need to be best friends, but healthy co-parenting is the best for the children," she says.Try Online Dating One of the most popular ways for recent divorcees to find love again is starting online, Orbuch says. Also, if you are busy, shy, introverted, or haven't dated in quite some time, it's good way to get your feet wet." And if you do have a busy schedule, remember: browsing profiles can be done at anytime of the day.Start Looking For Love Through Hobbies If you love to read, bike or have a guilty pleasure of trying out new desserts, try joining a community group, website or club with people with similar interests.