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Before my marriage of eight years ended, I went through a year of separation.

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It was a grief-filled, sad day to me when I went to court and the divorce was finalized.

I thought that chapter of my life was finished, and it was time to move forward.

I brought up the subject of dating at my next counseling session. I wanted to move forward and above all, I desperately longed for companionship. Marriage is a huge investment, and involves the whole person. Going through a divorce in most situations involves deep grief, similar to a person suffering the death of a close family member.

However, I listened to that advice and deliberately chose to wait before becoming involved in a new relationship. You might be grieving the loss of your spouse, and you might be grieving what you dreamed your marriage would have been, or both.

Looking back, it ended up being some of the best advice I had. There many losses that occur because of divorce aside from the relationship itself.

It is tempting to try to short cut the grieving process, but eventually, you will still have to work through everything.It's much easier when you aren't involved with someone new. Sadly, divorce involves the upheaval of almost every area of life.Avoid making a decision out of loneliness that you might regret later. It often affects living arrangements, friendships, lifestyle, finances and much more.Putting yourself into a new relationship during this time just adds to all the other changes.The year after a divorce gives you time to settle your living arrangements and get adjusted to all the changes. Perhaps you need to make a job change during this time as well.Be willing to face and adapt to these matters, and you will benefit yourself in the long run.