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Dear friends, We all know that it is due to the many technological achievements of these modern times that you, Western men, can attempt to seek their true love in countries like Russia or Ukraine.

However, just because the opportunity of Russian and Ukrainian online dating presents itself, Western men continue discover that they may still fail to find their one true love (read more on this issue in my article “”).

However, we stay positive and talk about how to create the optimal online dating profile.The main issue here isn’t really the fault of the interested men, although there are always a few sour individuals; the real fault is more in how those men market themselves to potential candidates.Whether they’ve put up unflattering photos; written a profile that’s laden with spelling errors, grammar errors, and poor descriptions; presented several pieces of misdirecting information; et cetera; all of these issues, and more, lead to frustrating and exceedingly difficult attempts at sorting the bad from the good.One example of this sort of scrambled signal is when an individual posts that they are seeking a deep relationship with a Ukrainian or Russian woman, when all other factors point to an individual that is just interested in hooking up.While it is perfectly fine to just be interested in a hookup, your intentions, whatever they may be, should be uniform in their messaging.

On that note, if you really want to carry yourself as a man while engaging in Russian and Ukrainian dating online and you really intend to make use of such sites to find your ideal lover, here are a handful of tips and suggestions to succeed.

• Don’t post half-naked bathroom “selfies.” More often than not, the camera flash winds up blocking the shot and the general image of yourself in a toilet or dirty shower in bad lighting is NOT a flattering way of presenting yourself.

• While a pair of sentences might work for a one night stand, you need to put some real effort into the content of your profile if you’re in the market for anything more meaningful.

• Don’t make a profile laden with things that you’re just not interested in.

If you find yourself doing just that, and realize that they’re all the sorts of issues that you noticed in previous relationships, you might want to consult a therapist; Chances are that you’re not quite over those other relationships and further, you might actually reignite those same negatives in any future candidates.

• Going back to visual presentation and images, make sure that any of the photos you upload to the site are dated no further back than two years ago; unless you really haven’t changed in appearance over several years’ time.