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He was clearly uncomfortable with the fact that I had a very well-paying job at the time while he was a veritable pauper as he had no job.

I’d still give him an ‘A’ for effort – he tried to give me everything he assumed I was used to – expensive gifts, fancy dinners and all.

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Have you ever felt so poor that you thought the bread you were eating came from the dumpster?If not, you probably have not dated a really rich girl; or at least, have not dated a girl who makes more money than you do.Spice up your date, here are the tips on what to talk about with a girl you like – even if she’s a lot more affluent than you are. It comes naturally; as humans, we have yet to fully move on from the mindset that men should have more than a woman, and that the man should provide for the woman.It’s not something that you can easily talk people out of thinking.We are a species that is yet to evolve from that phase in our human history.

When a regular, average, middle-income earning man meets and dates a woman from a well-off background, things start getting awkward especially for the man.

You, gentlemen would want to impress her but would probably have to temper that with the need to keep yourself from getting broke.

And it is what actually pushes most men to make these mistakes when dating rich girls: Pretending to be richer than they actually are.

So she prefers those sophisticated, personal waiter type of restaurants and couldn’t imagine getting in a cab.

And so you round up your savings, sell your computer and favorite collectible pair of Jordan’s and talk your boss into letting you drive his Porsche. She gets what she is used to and you get your date with her. The thing about lying about your true financial situation is that you can only take it so far.

How long can you afford to pretend to be rich anyway?