Dating a cougar series

Cougar Town stars Courteney Cox as a recently-divorced woman approaching middle age who is entering the dating scene.Although Cox's character could certainly be called a cougar by today's standards, the show actually offers much more than just dating with age differences.In fact, the show has veered significantly from its original premise to become a program that is more about how adults of a certain age interact with one another.

The program is centered around the character of Jules Cobb, as portrayed by Courteney Cox.Jules is a single mother who has recently gone through a divorce.Jules lives in the fictional town of Gulf Haven, Florida, and she has a successful career as a real estate agent.Jules is shown living her fairly comfortable life as she begins to navigate the dating world once again after a long time away.Although the character is in her 40s, she tries to make up for lost time by dating younger men.

However, she begins to feel more comfortable with her age as the series progresses, and the show becomes more about the nuances of Jules' life and the relationships she has with her friends and family.

The show also features a terrific supporting cast led by Christa Miller, who portrays Jules' best friend and neighbor, Ellie Torres.

Ellie and Jules' relationship is explored in great detail on the show, and Ellie is often used as a comic foil for the slightly more serious Jules.

Busy Philipps plays the role of the fun-loving Laurie Keller, an employee of Jules.

Laurie is younger and a bit less responsible than Jules or Ellie, but her personality often drives the drama of the program.

Rounding out the supporting cast are Brian Van Holt as Bobby Cobb The shades of 2008 and "Scrubs" are hard to ignore. TBS has enthusiastically picked up the Bill Lawrence comedy for a fourth season to air on cable.