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Plentyoffish is a dating community that helps internet singles meet a compatible match based on their preferences, needs and interests.

Just like many other online dating services, Plentyoffish lets users create a profile and search the profiles of others to look for intriguing possibilities.

The site also boasts the “first behavioral matching system” called Ultra Match.

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Rather than throwing the user into a sea of possible matches, Plentyoffish also supplies a handful of cutting edge tools designed to help the user understand themselves and what they want better.

The site also offers the Chemistry Predictor which measures five broad dimensions of personality that are essential to building a romantic relationship between two people.

Plentyoffish was founded in 2003 by Markus Frind, who ran the site independently until 2008.

A contest featuring Lady Gaga was hosted in 2009, which let winners attend a concert together during the performer’s Fame Monster tour.

Much like many other popular websites, Plentyoffish experienced controversy when it was hacked on January 21st, 2011.

The hackers exposed the personal information and passwords for approximately 30 million user accounts.

The site’s lack of security was blamed for the incident.

In general, Plentyoffish is much like many other online dating communities.

Users can create profiles, share information and get to know others online before taking things into the offline world.

Perhaps the most defining factor in Plentyoffish’s favor is the handful of sophisticated tests and matchmaking tools the site offers.

Users can learn about how they think, who they might be a good match for and whether a relationship will have chemistry before two users get involved.