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I am the Brothel Madam, come to welcome you and see what I can get for you, we have some wonderful girls here. The latest was, 'don't forget to pick up my suit from the dry cleaners.

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At sixteen my looks on the varsity cheer squad caught the attention of Ryan Anderson, the senior football star.

My blonde curly hair, blue eyes, and slender body was any guy's dream.

I knew Ryan for years, his dad was my dad's best friend.

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As an construction engineer, my work requires me to travel all over.

And with my extensive travel schedule I am usually on the road for two hundred days out of the year.

So having any kind of a social life is difficult at best.

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But life holds surprises for us all, and sometimes they come in the strangest forms - and usually from... Interlude Erik released the catch on the back of the mirror’s ornate frame. He stepped through from his closet into the dungeon play room.

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