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I just watched [italic]Desert Fury[/italic] (1947) and was amazed by how modern this film appears.

Besides the fantastic Technicolor, the acting by Lizabeth Scott, John Hodiak, Wendell Corey and Burt Lancaster feels so contemporary.

Only Mary Astor and some of the other actors seem a bit stagey.

Edith Head makes our current evening wear look pretty shabby by comparison.Lizabeth Scott is an amazing actress and I can't believe so little has been written about her.There's the book [italic]Hal Wallis: Producer to the Stars[/italic] that has a chapter on Scott, but it doesn't reveal much about her.I did find an old 1940s newspaper interview that implies that her style of acting comes from Tallulah Bankhead!Personally, I can't imagine two actresses more unlike each other.

While both present a formidable front, Scott lacks the histrionics of Bankhead.Another poster described how actors born before the 1920s used exaggerated expressions to enable the audience to see what is happening on stage.Speaking of formidable fronts, I came across another actress who looks like Scott's twin sister, Rosemarie Bowe.There was the son of the woman who published the “New York Post,” Mortimer Hall, who dated Scott in the 1950s.He ended up marrying Ruth Roman and after divorcing Roman years later, he supposedly dated Bowe! I see that Scott is often compared to Lauren Bacall, but Bacall has a different acting style and voice. Other than Bowe (who eventually married Robert Stack), Scott vaguely resembles Barbara Bain and Janet Leigh. The link to some images of Rosemarie Bowe is below.Despite a “New York Times” film critic named Bosely Crowther, who apparently hated Scott, I look forward to find more Scott movies. Interestingly enough, both Scott and Bowe appeared on different episodes of the old [italic]Burke's Law[/italic] television show during the early 1960s.