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Spatial visualization ability or Visual-spatial ability is the ability to mentally manipulate 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional figures.

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3D computer graphics rely on many of the same algorithms as 2D computer vector graphics in the wire-frame model and 2D computer raster graphics in the final rendered display.Well, it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, aka Cyber Monday, which can only mean one thing: It’s time to sign in to our favorite chat room and find some celebrities to “cyber” with, if you know what we mean.Here are the stars we hope to get intimate with over the internet!Three-dimensional space is a geometric 3-parameters model of the physical universe (without considering time) in which we live.These three dimensions are commonly called length, width, and depth (or height), although any three directions can be chosen, provided that they do not lie in the same plane.

In physics and mathematics, a sequence of n numbers can be understood as a location in n-dimensional space.

When n = 3, the set of all such locations is called 3-dimensional Euclidean space.

Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, relative position of figures, and the properties of space.

A mathematician who works in the field of geometry is called a geometer.

Geometry arose independently in a number of early cultures as a body of practical knowledge concerning lengths, areas, and volumes, with elements of a formal mathematical science emerging in the West as early as Thales (6th Century BC).

The shape (Old English: gesceap, created thing) of an object located in some space is a geometrical description of the part of that space occupied by the object, as determined by its external boundary ¿ abstracting from location and orientation in space, size, and other properties such as colour, content, and material composition.