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You may have to leave the jumping vehicle connected for 15 minutes or more to CHARGE the dead battery. Vehicles with cold, gummed up motors or frozen fuel lines are not going to start. Most people think to turn their air conditioning off when the engine is running hot.

In cars with electric cooling fans it is just the opposite. The most common problem is a slow leak that is not detectible such as ano-ring that only leaks at high pressure or a hose that leaches over a period of time. We can also retro-fit 85-92 systems to work on R134A.

Yes it is in the chart but look at the temperature range!

These grades of oil are only good up to 62f and are intended for cold climates. If you are using synthetic oil, most brands now have 5w-40 or 15w-50.

To protect in the hotter temperatures and still be good for winter.

used cars Diesel trucks Mark 1 REPAIR & SERVICE for Volkswagen cars Mark 1 Policies and links DO's and DON'Ts Advise EUROPEANTAG.

COM ________ DASPLATESRecycled car parts for Volkswagen cars Volkswagens for sale Maryland LICENSE PLATE STICKERSKEYS FOR VOLKSWAGENSGreen Packaging The duration of the glowplug light is longer when the engine is colder to allow the glowplugs TIME to heat up.

Just because the yellow light comes on does not mean they work. We caninstall a pilot light to determine if electricity is getting to them.

This would alert you to a bad glowplug fuse or relay.

Your glowplug fuse is NOT one of the colored fuses found in the fuse panel.

It may be above therelays or in the engine compartment.

You should tape aspare fuse in your owners manual kept in the car.

Jump starting requires 4ga jumper cables for goodresults.