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Nevertheless, as we all know, perception is everything. It may be best to get to know the person a bit more before diving into the coupon book.Moreover, on a first date, and even the first few dates, both parties are sizing each other up.

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As I said in my WHUR radio interview on dating and coupons, I would rather a coupon be used after the third date, especially if it’s for dinner.

Some of the chat peeps thought I was being a bit of a stiff but others backed me up on it.

I would rather a guy be creative the first few dates and take me out within his means and not need a coupon.

One suggestion: He could call ahead and ask if he could give it to them as they are seated (discretely) and it would be deducted from the bill without the date being any the wiser. For me, if I was the one using the coupon, I would not use it on a first date. He should ask if she has any preferences, allergies, or food restrictions. Imagine that she is a vegan and he takes her to a steak house just because he has a coupon.

He could use pennies and it still shouldn't concern her. But, if, if it is dinner and the gentleman wishes to use a coupon, he should take her to a restaurant where he feels she will enjoy the food, not just so he can use the coupon (that would offend most).

After all, if a man is acting the gentleman and paying for the date (which he should), then the woman should act the lady and not notice how the bill is paid.

If this is the case, it could appear that he just wanted company while he eats his food of choice on the cheap and not as if he was interested in her.

With the state of the economy, coupon clipping is becoming a national sport.

It seems a natural evolution due to our need to purchase items we want at the lowest price point possible.

This need is evident by the rapid popularity of coupons-Frankly, using a coupon while on a date is not an etiquette faux pas.

Logically, a coupon or gift certificate is as good as cash. With all of this evaluating humming in the background, it is best to consider the perception of how everything we do.