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No, but this one islike-- it's a urinary tract infection waiting to happen.

If anybody knows what it'slike to be really stoned, it's a lot of fun. And then we get backto my apartment, and we have thisreally emotional scene.

Maybe we should just getmarried and start having kids.

And it was a really-- a pivotalmoment for the relationship, you know?

My daughter gave it to me,because I'm kind of a foodie.

Did you google truffle butter,or did you know what it was? It is not a good pastadish, the other kind of truffle butter.-And now-- Ugh.

The other kind is not a good-- Hopefully, it was that kind. And then I just thought, whoare the sick minds coming up with this?

Which sounds really good, and Idid have a pasta with that kind of truffle butter. And then I went and, you know,watched a little Nicki Minaj.

And you didn't get it,or you knew it was a-- And I was like,clearly they're not talking about some sortof delicious butter with the truffleoil on top of it.

I read through the script,and they were like, laughing about this truffle butter.

I was like, wow, youfound a way to make things musical that I neverwould have thought could have been musical.

Yeah, but whenyou're in the moment, you're not thinking about that.-Now way.