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Cosmopolitan is a women's magazine for the young, flirty, fierce and fun woman who wants it all.With fashion and beauty tips and trends, the latest news on Hollywood's celebrities, career and health advice, and secrets for having the passionate relationship every girl dreams of, Cosmo has you covered!

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Regular features include "Things to Do This Month" for a list of the latest music, books and styles to tune into; "Fun, Fearless... " for a rating of the latest trends; "Fun, Fearless Shopping" for advice on how to make the newest styles work for you; and "Fun, Fearless Beauty" for tips and inspiring before and after photos.You'll also get juicy beauty and style tips from celebrities and the oh-so-addictive "Confessions" section where readers like you share their most embarrassing moments.And you'll also get famous Cosmo quizzes to learn more about yourself while related articles give you key insights into topics like relationships and dating.And speaking of relationships and dating, Cosmo is packed with steamy secrets and tantalizing tricks to add new dimensions of naughty to your sex life.For the powerful professional in every woman, Cosmopolitan even takes on career questions and concerns with "Fun, Fearless Work." And prepare to be inspired with features on everyday women making a difference in the section "Fun, Fearless Females." If you're a young, fun, fearless woman who loves keeping up with the latest in fashion, beauty and relationships, Cosmo is for you!

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